Siemens Portugal to produce electric chargers for Australia

Photo: Siemens

Sources: aicep Portugal Global

Siemens’ manufacturing facility in Seixal will produce charging stations for Australian manufacturer Custom Denning’s fleet of Element electric buses.

Siemens’ factory in Corroios, Seixal, will produce chargers for electric buses in Australia. Custom Denning, one of Australia’s leading bus manufacturers, has chosen SICHARGE UC charging stations for its Element fleet, Siemens announced this Monday.

In a statement, Siemens said the SICHARGE UC charging unit will be part of Custom Denning’s zero-emission electric bus testing phase. The Australian manufacturer has built four prototypes of its new bus, Element, and each one “will be delivered to an operator, along with a SICHARGEUC100 unit, capable of delivering up to 100 kW, as well as a Siemens digital depot management solution,” the company points out.

SICHARGE UC serves the entire power range from 100 to 600 kW and can operate up to 1,000 V, which, according to Siemens, “guarantees bus operators enormous flexibility when designing electric bus depots because it allows them to create highly efficient infrastructures designed to take into account rapid advances in battery technology.”

Local governments in Australia are trying to mitigate rising greenhouse gas emissions from transport, with heavy goods vehicles and buses accounting for the second-largest share of these emissions (21%).

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