Camões Institute and Porto Editora renew cooperation to promote Portuguese language

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The Camões Institute and Porto Editora have signed a protocol renewing their cooperation under the scope of the Empresa Promotora da Língua Portuguesa programme.

In a statement, the Camões Institute said that the “partnership, now renewed for two years, will allow us to reach more students living in various countries, with the aim of strengthening the strategy of internationalisation of the Portuguese language and promoting our culture.

The protocol, signed by the President of Camões, João Ribeiro de Almeida, and the Director of the International Department of Porto Editora, Miguel Martins, establishes that “Porto Editora will contribute to support the promotion of the Portuguese language, namely within the scope of projects in the areas of teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language and Language Technologies Applied to Portuguese”.

The initiative, he adds, allows “students, through Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, to have contact with Portuguese”.

“Around 2,500 foreign students have learnt Portuguese in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Venezuela, through the partnership between Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua and Porto Editora,” the statement said.

Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua is a public institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose mission is to propose and implement the Portuguese cooperation policy and the policy of teaching and disseminating Portuguese language and culture abroad.

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