The Diaspora’s contribution for the internacionalization of Portugueses SMEs

– Text: aicep Portugal global
– Photo: kanawatvector

The AEP Foundation, in partnership with South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, invites you to participate in an online session of Portugal’s Global Diaspora Network on Wednesday 2th December 2020, at 18.30pm (GMT+2).

The session will explain how the Diaspora can help and support Portuguese SMEs with their international expansion. Among the speakers will be Portugal’s Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities and the Secretary of State for Internationalization, as well as Portuguese business people already successfully running SMEs in South Africa.

Portugal’s Global Diaspora Network is a highly effective worldwide social network, developed by the AEP Foundation with the institutional support of AICEP- Portugal Global and the Portuguese Communities

The Diaspora Network connects companies in Portugal with Portuguese business people all around the world, enabling business networking,  increasing cross-border trade and offering access to new markets.

The Network’s main mission is to promote the Portugal brand internationally, to encourage the Diaspora to invest back into Portugal,  and to mobilize highly skilled Portuguese workers to live and work all over the world, by showing them the global possibilities on offer.

Sign up for the webinar, get to know the platform and be part of the BIGGEST COLLABORATIVE NETWORK OF THE DIÁSPORA PORTUGUESA!

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