New tourist platform for Northern Portugal


Just Like Us is a new project supported with European funds for tourism in the North that starts in September with small-scale experiences, fitting in with the context of the pandemic and social distance.

Just Like Us – Travel & Experiences’ is a tourism platform of “local experiences”, directed to the North of Portugal with “personalised and varied gastronomy proposals”, in “communion with nature” which aims to share “ancestral knowledge”, said Alexandra Sotto Maior, partner and manager of the company, noting that the company has just seen its application for the Support Line for the Tourist Enhancement of the Interior approved, with a “total eligible investment of €91,166”.

Being able to receive the European funds, approved in June, made it possible to start “some necessary and fundamental investments to start the activity” to start the “kick-off” as early as September, explains Alexandra Sotto Maior, stating that tourist experiences have always been designed for small-scale groups, a fact that suits this time of the covid-19 pandemic.

“In September, when the bathing season ends, the ‘kick off’ of the first experiences will be carried out, the highlight being the ‘Jantar na Vinha’, combining gastronomy, wine tasting and passing on knowledge about agricultural work, in the very place where everything happens”, reveals Alexandra Sotto Maior.

“Um Dia no Campo”, “Vinho e a Vinha”, “Terra e Fogo”, “Agricultores do Mar” are other special tourist experiences that are being worked on to be available next month.

“Um Dia no Campo” is an eight-hour experience where it is proposed that tourists start the day by going shopping for lunch from small local producers”, learning how to make alheiras or fresh cow cheese. Making a feijoada in an iron pot and picking fruit for dessert, harvesting or picking olives are ancestral works and can be done depending on the season. The experiment only takes place with a minimum of four people.

The “Wine and the Vine” is a six-hour experience and the focus is on vineyard work where you will learn how to graft, prune, tie or harvest according to the time of year. Having a picnic in the middle of the vineyard to taste regional delicacies, wine tasting and taking a ride on board a jeep to enjoy the vines and the different grape varieties is part of the package.

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