Startup Vouchers are on | New Green and Digital Products

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Source: aicep Portugal Global

You can now officially apply to Startup Vouchers – New Green and Digital Products through the website. Supported by the Resilience and Recovery Plan/Next Generation EU, these vouchers will support startups established in Portugal with 30.000€.

If you’re a startup established in Portugal, or if you’re planing on relocating, this can be a great tool to step up a new project.

To apply, please follow these steps:

1. Pre-register at Balcão dos Fundos and submit all the fields;

2. Register at Plataforma de Processo Simplificado  (where your startup information will be pre-filled);

3. Select the tender you want to apply, at Plataforma de Processo Simplificado (PAS).

The implementation of the measure “Voucher for Startups – New Green and Digital Products”, includes a total allocation of 90 million euros. The first tender – now open – includes 45 million euros. The selection process is carried out on a quarterly basis and the first cutoff will take place on February 25th.

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