Sigma Software opens software development office in Lisbon region

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Sources: aicep Portugal Global

The Swedish-Ukrainian technology company Sigma Software has opened an office in Cascais, which at this stage will employ around 15 people.

Firstly, Portugal supports Ukrainians, and we are very grateful for that. The country also has many startups and a highly developed technology ecosystem, making it one of the most digitized countries in the EU. In addition, Portugal has a very convenient time zone: it is the closest country to the US, where many of our customers are located”, explains Volodymyr Chyrva, Management Partner and co-founder of Sigma Software Group, speaking to Forbes Portugal.

Sigma Software starts its operation in Portugal with around 15 employees working in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: “Our office is located in Cascais. We have a dedicated space in a beautiful and friendly LACS”, says Olga Paramonova, Vice President of Sigma Software Group.

Also speaking to Forbes Portugal, Den Smyrnov, Head of International Communication at Sigma Software, stresses that the company’s goal is to become “a truly global company and that’s why we actively continue to grow and expand our worldwide presence”.

That’s why opening an office in Portugal was a natural step for us, as the country has a dynamic and expanding IT market. We see how fast it is growing and we understand that the business and investment climate is very attractive for companies like ours. Furthermore, Portugal has a good pool of tech talent with over 100,000 experts”.

Finally, Portugal is far from Russia and supports Ukraine”, says Den Smyrnov, who also assumes that “the war in Ukraine definitely sped up the process of opening our first office in Portugal”.

With headquarters in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sigma Software provides software development and IT consulting services to more than 170 customers worldwide in the areas of e-commerce, document management, telecommunications, aviation and space industries, banking, finance and real estate, digital advertising, entertainment, and game development.

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