Romanian Digi already recruiting for new Portuguese mobile operator

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Source: aicep Portugal Global

Digi will be one of two new mobile operators with their own network entering the Portuguese market.

Romanians Digi Communications invested over €67 million in Portugal’s 5G spectrum auction. Since then, little has been heard of this company, which will be one of two new mobile operators with their own network entering the national market.

The telecommunications group, through subsidiary Dixarobil, has already recruited the first individuals for the team in Portugal, and is temporarily installed in a coworking space in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, a source close to the company told ECO.

According to the corporate acts, Dixarobil has Marius Varzaru as manager, the same man who leads Digi in Spain. However, the CEO of Digi in Portugal is expected to be Emil Grecu, who has been with the group for over two decades, said the same source. Also chosen is the name of the human resources director of Digi Portugal, a position held by Sheila Esteves.

Digi is actively recruiting and has been posting job offers on online platforms. One, from late December, was for the “human resources technician” position in Lisbon, the person with responsibility for placing job advertisements, scheduling interviews and writing reports on potential recruits. The vacancy was reportedly filled already this year by Inês Casimiro, who comes from Robert Walters, a consultancy specialising in human resources.

“We are looking for talent who want to build a success story with us in Portugal,” Digi writes in the text accompanying the vacancies.

The new operator is also looking for a height technician to lead what will be the team in Portugal in this department, which is related to antennas.

A minimum of five years experience is required, a contract in a “young and dynamic team” is offered and a “salary compatible with the function and experience showed” is promised.

The group has also used LinkedIn, where Sheila Esteves has published some of the job opportunities. Among the profiles sought are: telecommunications operations coordinator and accommodation unit survey technician.

Little else is known about the company that, alongside Nowo, will operate in Portugal with its own network, with the status of “new entrant”, which gives it the power to negotiate national roaming agreements with Meo, Nos and Vodafone. Digi has been in contact with Anacom, the sector’s watchdog, with which it has already met a few times, including after the end of the 5G spectrum auction.

The operator will enter the market with the brand “Digi”. The emails found by ECO use the domain “”, a sign that this will be the company’s site. But access is still unavailable.

ECO has tried to contact Digi over the last few months, in order to know the group’s strategy for the national market. A new attempt was made to make It was not possible to obtain a reply by the time this article was written.

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