Expo 2020 Dubai records almost 9 million visits in first three months

Photo: ElChe

Source: aicep Portugal Global

Expo 2020 Dubai has recorded 8,958,132 visits during its first three months. From October to December 2021, Expo hosted a total of 8,902 government leaders, including ministers, presidents, prime ministers and heads of state.

Almost half of all visits (47 per cent) have been generated by Expo’s Seasons Passes, with the number of repeat visits to the show in the first three months reaching 3.5 million, official news agency WAM reported.

From October 1 until December 31, almost one third (30 per cent) of all visitors came from outside the UAE, with the top international visitor countries including India, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Many people also continue to travel to the site using RTA transport.

Expo 2020 Dubai runs until March 31, 2022, and is the very first world expo where every participating country has its own pavilion.

Each of the 192 country pavilions – spread across the three main districts of sustainability, mobility and opportunity – will have the chance to showcase their innovations and strategies.

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