Beta-i arrives in Tunisia to promote collaboration between fintechs and Attijari Bank

Photo: AlexSky

Sources: aicep Portugal Global

The innovation programme, created in partnership with the Tunisian venture studio Betacube for Attijari Bank, marks the entry of the Portuguese consulting firm into this market.

Portuguese Beta-i will take its collaborative innovation methodology to Tunisia to promote collaboration between startups and large companies, in order to foster the creation of innovative solutions for the fintech, mobility and Industry 4.0 market in 2022. Through a partnership with Betacube, a Tunisian venture studio specialising in fintech, the “CorpUP Fintech” programme aims to bring Tunisia’s largest bank and companies in the sector closer to the Tunisian innovation ecosystem. 

“It is with great pride that we once again see our collaborative methodology being recognised across borders by partners who see value in creating synergies. We already have several successful fintech programmes in our portfolio, so although the Tunisian market is new, we are motivated to help young Tunisian companies achieve their development and growth goals, as well as help large companies innovate and solve their challenges,” says Ricardo Marvão, co-founder of Beta-i, in a statement.

Over the next year, the Portuguese consultancy will support Betacube in creating a technology innovation ecosystem in the country where Tunisian and international talent can collaborate to create successful businesses and digital transformation of specific industries.

The partnership starts with “CorpUP Fintech”, a five-month innovation programme that intends to find startups from the Tunisian ecosystem, with solutions already implemented in the market, to collaborate with Attijari Bank, voted the best bank in the country by the British magazine “The Banker” of the Financial Times group, in creating pilot projects that will solve certain challenges.

These will focus on the creation of a transaction solution system, increased connectivity between the client and the bank, new payment functionalities and development of software for digital signature management, in order to generate and verify documents.

After the selection process, the selected startups will take part in a mentoring programme carried out by Beta-i and Betacube, comprising workshops, conferences and coaching sessions, to support the development of their technological project and the establishment of a solid business model that benefits the Tunisian bank in the identified challenges.

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