IV Russian-Portuguese Innovation Forum

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On the 1st of November 2021 the fourth Russian-Portuguese Innovation Forum (RPIF) “New opportunities and challenges in the sphere of innovation” will be held. It is organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation jointly with the Portuguese-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Russa, CCILR). This upcoming forum, like the previous one, will be held online subject to coronavirus restrictions.

RPIF has demonstrated its relevance as a reliable platform aimed not only at the presentation and promotion of high-tech production, but also at facilitating the diversification of bilateral trade and economic ties.

The participants of the event, taking into account new conditions of doing business, will continue to discuss promising projects in such areas as information and communication technologies (ICT), sea transport, sea port infrastructure, interregional cooperation, tourism and so on.

For the first time during this year RPIF representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will join the discussions and talk about the current state of Eurasian economic integration and the possibilities for doing joint business in the single EAEU market.

Traditionally RPIF is held during the days of holding the Web Summit, the largest in Europe technology conference, that will attract ICT professionals to participate in the forum.

Russian Ambassador to Portugal Mikhail Kamynin and the CCILR President Bruno Cota will speak at the opening of the forum. The RPIF speakers will be heads of venture capital companies, chambers of commerce, industry associations, start-ups and enterprises of industrialized regions of both countries.

The working language of the forum is English. The preliminary program of the event will be posted on the website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the CCILR.

Applications for participation via e-mails to:

Serguei Baldin, Embassy’s Counselor – rcrpatc@mail.ru; Svetlana Bilous, CCILR Executive Secretary – mail@russiaportugal.org

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