Portugal’s business success in Canada thanks to diaspora

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The president of the AEP Foundation, Luís Miguel Ribeiro, considers that the contribution of the Portuguese diaspora in Canada in promoting the Portugal brand in the country is crucial for business success in what is considered “a market with many business opportunities”.

The AEP Foundation (Associação Empresarial de Portugal Foundation) has planned for November 2nd to 6th, to carry out a business mission to Canada, where it intends to officially launch the Global Diaspora Network in the country.

“The Canadian market has a lot of potential, because it is a developed country, with many business opportunities, where we can find thousands of Portuguese,” he said.

The official praised the fact that during the pandemic, due to the lockdown, many of the initiatives were carried out digitally, but warned that they never stopped working, “knowing cases of Portuguese people who are a source of pride”, of entrepreneurs who launched the their businesses, which lead institutions, for the “love of their homeland, want to remain linked to Portugal”, as “true ambassadors of the country”.

“The Portuguese continue to look very carefully and continue to study this market and we at AEP level continue to carry out business missions to these markets, but these are markets that take time to gain a stronger presence and to have more expression in what is our trade balance and our exports”, stressed Luís Miguel Ribeiro.

As for Portuguese products, these are very different, coming from an origin that “is highly valued by a particular niche of customers”.

The Global Diaspora Network has more than 7,500 Portuguese subscribers, presence in 155 countries, and more than 10,500 companies inserted.

In addition to the connection to the diaspora, the platform aims to enhance the Lusitanian Routes (promotion of commercial establishments national products), Portal do Investidor (to facilitate and accelerate business on a global scale), and the Diaspora Business Intelligence (to make the diaspora known in detail).

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