Consort NT opens its 1st service centre dedicated to IT infrastructures in Portugal

Photo : rawpixel

Source: aicep Portugal global

Consort NT continues its international development with the opening of an Infrastructure service center supporting our French and international clients in the city center of Porto.

Consort is 2,250 technicians, consultants and experts supporting digital transformation challenges of companies and organizations, their IT agility and the development of new product or service strategies.

The group is specialized in development and integration in agile mode, operationalization of solutions and secure infrastructures, support end-users in their autonomous use of their work environment and the creation of value linked to data processing.

As a French digital services company, Consort NT defines itself as a “Custom-made Industrialist”, putting excellence, commitment and proximity at the heart of its services. 

Recently established in Portugal, we have chosen to complete our map of service centers by relying on the talent pool of Portugal, which provides us solid technical education and first-rate linguistic diversity.Oriented towards offshore, our new service center (already in operation) is located in the heart of the historic center of Porto with a privileged view of the Avenida dos Aliados.

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