Motorhomers given 24 hours to adopt new rules

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Motorhomers were given a one day warning to adapt to new parking rules in Portugal. The new law regarding parking for motorhomes, which establishes that outside protected areas, overnight stays are allowed “for a maximum period of 48 hours in the same municipality”, entered into force on 24 August but was only announced on 23 August. Law 66/2021, which modifies the regime for parking and overnight parking for motorhomes, changing the Highway Code and the Traffic Signalling Regulation, was published in Diário da República on 23 August.

The decree was promulgated by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on 6 August, after being approved in the Assembly of the Republic on 22 July with the PCP and PEV votes against, the abstention of BE, PAN, IL and Chega, and the votes in favour of the remaining parliamentary benches.

In a final global vote, the deputies made viable the replacement text presented by the parliamentary committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing regarding the parking and parking regime for motorhomes included in the Highway Code, namely articles 48 and 50 -THE.

According to the law, in relation to article 50-A, “the overnight stay and parking of motorhomes or similar are prohibited in areas of the Natura 2000 Network, protected areas and areas covered by the Coastal Plans, except in the places expressly authorised for this purpose”.

“In the rest of the territory and in the absence of municipal regulation for the activity, motorhomes approved by the IMT – Institute of Mobility and Transport are allowed to stay overnight for a maximum period of 48 hours in the same municipality, except in places expressly authorised for this purpose, for which there is no limit on overnight stays”, reads the text published today.

The diploma maintains the distinction of the amount of the fine for those who violate the rules which “is sanctioned with a fine of €60 to €300”, unless they are fined in areas of the Natura 2000 network, protected areas and areas covered by the Coastal Waterfront Planning Plans, in which case “the fine is €120 to €600”.

The diploma also determines that, after notification of the infractions, the offender can proceed with the voluntary payment of the fine immediately, a situation that “corresponds to the payment of a fine for the minimum amount”.

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