Natixis in Portugal is recruiting 400 employees this year

Photo : Natixis (LinkedIn)

Source: aicep Portugal global

Natixis in Portugal, which has its Centre of Excellence in Porto, intends to hire 400 employees until the end of the year. The company seeks professionals with different levels of expertise in the fields of Banking, Finance, Economics, Management, Law and Information Technologies.

These new professionals will join Back Office, Compliance, Sanctions and Embargoes, Know Your Customer, Know Your Supplier, Purchasing, Financial Operations, Risk Management and HR Management teams, supporting various activities in different countries and business areas. In the fields of IT, Natixis is looking for Developers, Application Support Engineers, Business Analysts, QA Analysts, among other positions.

Among these 400 positions, there are vacancies for more junior profiles, as part of the “We want your brain” campaign, aimed at young professionals who are suitable for IEFP professional internships. 

Four years after starting our path in Portugal, the ambition we have is to continue expanding our Centre of Excellence with major talents. Porto has become our second most important hub in Europe, right after Paris, and we are certain our team has been vital for that success,” says Etienne Huret, Managing Director of Natixis in Portugal. 

Natixis placed its IT Centre of Excellence in Porto, in 2017, to internalise a big part of its technology services – until then ensured by external suppliers or geographically dispersed teams – and, in an integrated and transversal way, provide IT support to the bank’s services around the world. Initially, the project aimed at recruiting 640 employees. However, currently, Natixis has already 1200 employees from 21 countries.

Despite the growth, our culture and mindset are the same. We keep on being the best combination of a big and solid structure with the spirit of a start-up company. Our mission is to transform traditional banking in the whole world. For that purpose, we must continue to integrate professionals who identify with Natixis’ culture and wish to grow with this project,” the Managing Director adds.

At Natixis, we wish to have professionals of reference and we want them to go beyond in their impact on the company and the sector, as well as in the opportunities Natixis may present to them. We are investing more and more in the growth of our bank support activities, fostering the creation of specific training opportunity programmes with organisations such as Porto Business School and reskilling programmes,” Etienne Huret concludes.

Among other conditions, Natixis offers its employees flexible work models, collaborative, disruptive and inspiring work spaces, such as the terrace, with a vegetable garden – Natixis Urban Garden C2 – and the Labs, with specific themes, dedicated to teamwork; career development, including the possibility of internal and international mobility; partnerships with universities; technical, leadership, languages and social skills training programmes; and dynamic work methods, based on agility, flexibility, entrepreneurship and creativity.

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