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Photo: Municipality of Aljezur

Source : aicep Portugal Global

This beach is fantastic for people who love to do lots of activities at the same time. Perhaps catch some waves in the morning and in the afternoon rent a canoe to paddle down the calm river.

All this is possible in the same day because at Odeceixe beach, we have the ocean on one side to discover and on the other side a river, which has no waves but, in its defence, it’s warmer and safer.

In fact, Ribeira de Seixe is what makes Odeceixe beach so especial. This river actually separates the regions of the Algarve and Alentejo, so Odeceixe is like a border beach and the only river beach on the Costa Vicentina.

This beach is easy to reach by car. If you are coming from the south, drive on the EN120 to Odeceixe. Arriving at Odeceixe village, just follow the signs to the beach, which is located about 3 kilometres from the village.

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