The future of medical devices is here. Find out why the Portuguese Molds industry is redefining the industry

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Source: aicep Portugal global

The Portuguese Molds cluster is the 3rd largest plastic injection mold producer in Europe and ranks 8th worldwide, with an outstanding 84% export rate in highly competitive sectors such as the medical devices and healthcare industry. The Portuguese Molds companies hold a strong track record based in experience, significant specialization, and high quality.

Plastic injection molding for the healthcare industry and medical devices is expected to grow up to 6.5% over the forecast period of 2021 and 2030, particularly boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased demand for medical and personal protection equipment. The battle against Covid-19 highlighted the need for new high-quality products or scale-up strategies.

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in the plastic injection molding sector, with broad applications in surgical and medical devices like syringes, vials, inhales, cannulated, medical connectors, air systems and prescription bottles. The product range is increasing as its consumption rises, and new needs arise.

The Portuguese molds industry is ready for this challenging future, with significant advancements in manufacturing technologies and design, introducing new high-quality materials, shapes, tolerances and applications suited for the medical needs.

Looking forward, new creative methods using injection molding will continue to evolve. 3D-Printed molds and new injection technologies are in development. The internet of things will capitalize new operating systems and industry technology.

What to expect from the Portuguese Molds Specialized Industry?

When establishing a partnership, you can expect worldwide recognized experience, knowledge, innovation, and robust quality management systems in place that capitalize operational efficacies, leading to cost reductions and time-to-market agility.

The new AICEP Portugal Global campaign MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally showcases a selection of companies in the Molds sector that are strongly investing in new design and manufacture methods, upscaling regulatory and validation processes to speed product development with faster time-to-market launches.

With the help of state-of-the-art technologies, highly skilled and specialized workforces and high precision standards, the Portuguese Molds cluster offers high quality turn-key solutions. Now is the time to discover why you should choose Portugal as your strategic partner.

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