Monchique water 100% recycled bottles

Photo: samphao

Source: aicep Portugal Global

Monchique waters has launched a bottle of mineral water with recycled PET (rPET) and for every million bottles produced, approximately 30 thousand kilograms of virgin PET will no longer be consumed, which represents an estimated annual saving of 100 tonnes of virgin PET.

According to a note sent to The Portugal News, Monchique integrates the ambitious commitment into their business plan in a bid to reduce its environmental footprint and this has led the company to be able to reach the EU 2030 target some 10 years earlier than expected regarding the integration of 30 percent of recycled PET in its packaging.

Monchique Sport is made with 100 percent recycled plastic, and will be sold in selected bio and dietetic shops, drawing to a close a process that involved a lot of research and technology and reinforcing the circular economy.

According to Água Monchique, their commitment to environmental sustainability led the company to create the 100 percent Monchique brand “a symbol of the challenges that move us and an appeal to the urgent awakening to a conscious consumption,”, highlights Vítor Hugo Gonçalves, CEO of Sociedade da Água de Monchique.

Reducing and reusing plastic is another of Monchique’s goals. The elimination of consumption of retractable plastic in the 5-litre containers allows the company to stop sending around 25 tonnes of plastic packaging to the market each year.

Another change brought in by the company is related to the reduction of more than 16 percent in the weight of the 5L bottle, which saves about 100 tonnes of PET per year.

Monchique water has also created a new app – “myMonchique” – where consumers are challenged to register the moment when they recycle Monchique water bottles and to share it on their social media platforms, accompanied by the hashtag #ecoselfie.

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