Portugal selected to head World Tourism Organization’s online training team


Portugal has been selected along with Saudi Arabia to head an online training team recently created by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), with the aim of publishing recommendations on educational issues to various member countries and at a time when distance learning is on the rise with the Govt-19 epidemic.

The first meeting of the online training group this Wednesday was attended by 10 WTO member states and eight representatives from the private sector. Portugal elected with 29% of the vote, Equally Along with Saudi Arabia, the two countries will lead the group until October 2021.

The country will be represented by Ana Paula Bais, Director of Portugal’s Tourism Training, chaired by the World Trade Organization Group, which will be co – sponsored by Saudi Arabia. “Above all, it is a recognition of the exemplary work that Tourism de Portugal has created in the field of tourism training, which has already given us different distinctions, i.e. with the project D.T. – Travel coaching skills”, Ana Paula considers Pice.

“The training provided by Tourism de Portugal is internationally recognized for its quality and innovation”, emphasizes Tourism Secretary of State Rita Marks, “This body knows how to transform, motivates entrepreneurs and workers to continue to strengthen their capabilities” and “encourages others to do less” We are now at a privileged stage. “

Since the beginning of 2020, Tourismo de Portugal has organized 628 training classes for more than 66,000 participants – including 7,624 participants with 168 online certified management training courses, 23,130 participants with 145 training classes under the clean and secure brand, or 359 companies online.

Considering the ‘online’ training as a “priority”, Tourismo de Portugal has also created the Digital Academy, which was created “to meet the growing need for training in this area”, offering courses, workshops, seminars and services designed with a network of 12 schools of hospitality and tourism.

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