Follow Inspiration presents the UV Robot to the market with state-of-the-art technology

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Follow Inspiration presents the UV Robot to the market with state-of-the-art technology that will be a partner in the tasks of disinfection and purification, being another vehicle in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

Being Follow Inspiration’s latest product, the UV Robot uses cutting-edge technology and is targeted at the area of disinfection. It is characterized as an effective weapon in the fight against Covid-19, which operates in the disinfection of interiors, convenient and most importantly effective, specialized to act in hospitals, clinics, offices, shopping malls and more. The UV Robot is autonomous and excels in fighting bacteria and viruses, which nowadays have a huge impact on the various aspects of business, health systems and crowded spaces.

As important features the UV Robot is 100% autonomous, with no need of additional structure, easy to use and to maintain, using its own interface that allows the mapping of locations to be disinfected, with the option to request actions in real-time and receive data on procedures, with the ability to recognize humans and avoid obstacles, among others available in the site Luis de Matos, CEO of Follow Inspiration states that “These robots demonstrate that technological evolution is the perfect harmony between convenience, automation and efficiency that people and businesses must have, and the UV Robot can be 300 times faster than conventional manual cleaning.”

The Follow Inspiration´s team, with 8 years of existence, has a wide range of skills and awards in the field of navigation, artificial intelligence, mapping and control, interactive multimedia development, among others, allowing the company´s recognition in the research and development of innovative projects and products, such as wiiGo Retail, wiiGo Curator, wiiGo Logistics, wiigo Concepts, and others that are under development to meet the market’s needs and to positively impact the lives of its users, always.

Follow Inspiration is a Portuguese company that operates in the technology sector with a focus on robotics. It believes that technology helps to make things possible, creating solutions for people and companies, as can be seen in its portfolio. Learn more at

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