Portugal Open for Business is focused on promoting Portuguese companies established in the US and Canada in the areas of innovation, healthcare and technology.

aicep Portugal Global USA & Canada launches the new Portugal Open for Business campaign and platform, a worldwide initiative that is now available in the United States and Canada. A selected group of companies are highlighted in the campaign, from pharma and healthcare, textiles and housewares, food and beverage, to engineering and technology. The goal is to establish privileged connections and easier access to new products or investment in Portugal.

Portugal Open for Business is a fully digital campaign, that enables American & Canadian investors to learn about and connect with Portuguese companies in order to establish new strategic partnerships. It is however, more than a worldwide advertising campaign. The concept relies on a digital platform and aicep resources to establish strong business connections that bring companies and investors together.

aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP) is a Portuguese government business entity with a worldwide network that contributes towards the internationalization of Portuguese companies. It is a benchmark agency for developing a competitive business environment focused on encouraging the best foreign companies to invest in Portugal and contribute to the success of companies in their internationalization processes or export activities.

This initiative is also a statement of a country that looks at the world as an open door to new relationships and innovation, knowing that these are unprecedented times when uncertainty is the new certainty for so many companies and businesses.

Portuguese companies are innovative, competitive, sophisticated and sustainable. We can find worldwide references in key sectors such as textiles, fashion & design, home furnishings, automotive industry, life sciences, technology, energy, tourism and travel. Portugal is today chosen by large American and multinational companies that want to reach the European market, due to its geographical location and its social and economic environment.

For all this, the Portugal Open for Business campaign brings together companies and investors and offers a unique communication platform for new business establishment. 

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