“Free Now” platform expands to all of Portugal


The Free Now transport platform, which brings together TVDE and taxis, has extended its services beyond urban centres and now extends to the entire national territory, the company announced.

“This degree of national expansion allows us to be present in smaller cities and give the opportunity to more drivers to add their services to our platform, which otherwise would not be possible,” Sérgio Pereira, Free Now’s managing director, said in a statement.

Users will be able to choose between the taxi and TVDE, in addition to having the option of a more economical trip with an electric vehicle, which allows a discount of 8 percent compared to the normal fare.

In order to mark the national expansion phase, the platform launched a new campaign under the motto “Freedom is what happens between point A and point B”, which offers a 50 percent discount on journeys, with the Freedom code.Since June, the Free Now application integrates TVDE services that have migrated from the Kapten platform, taxis, scooters and electric bicycles on a single platform.

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